Choosing the Right Sonographer For You

Your baby is on the way. Or you have a medical issue that requires an ultrasound exam. You want to be sure you get an evaluation that your doctor can rely on. With a high-quality, clear image your doctor can develop an effective treatment plan tailored to your needs.

How do you know which sonographer is right for your needs?

When you have a medical issue, you may feel a sense of vulnerability. You want a highly skilled, credentialed and experienced ultrasound professional at your side using the best technologies available. At Alaska Family Sonograms, we offer state-of-the-art ultrasound services and total dedication to each person’s unique needs, sensibilities and positive healthcare experience.

Leading-edge ultrasound technology

When your doctor orders an ultrasound, the quality of the exam and reliability of its findings are of utmost importance. As a Toshiba reference site, Alaska Family Sonograms tests and demonstrates the newest, most up-to-date ultrasound technologies available. Because of this, our ultrasound technology is continually upgraded in order to provide our patients with optimal resolution, superior definition, greater image uniformity, accuracy and the reliability your doctor needs to treat your medical condition or protect the health of your baby.

State-of-the-art capabilities

With Toshiba leading the way, our image quality has been unsurpassed for decades. The Aplio 500 equipment effectively penetrates tissues and provides exceptional Doppler color-flow imaging. Why is this important? This technology allows our experienced sonographers to maximize these capabilities across an array of different clinical applications. Whether you need to check the health of your baby, or your abdominal or pelvic organs you want the absolute best technology available.

When you need an ultrasound examination, make sure you’re getting the highest quality imaging and interpretation results available. That way, you doctor has a clear understanding of your test results. For more information about our role and advantages as a reference/demo site for a world leader in ultrasound diagnostic imaging or to schedule an appointment, call 907-561-3601.

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