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When someone is talking about getting an ultrasound or a sonogram they are typically talking about the same thing. The actual difference is ultrasound is the frequency range of sound used to create the image you see on the screen. A sonogram is the exam itself.

Absolutely. We have introduced many parents to their unborn child through the use of sonographic images and video. We have now moved into the digital age of imaging and provide you with not only printed images but also a USB containing still frame images and video clips that show your baby moving. These images are compressed to a .jpeg format, making them easy to share with family and friends.

The gender of your baby can be determined if requested. The optimal time for this is 18-20 weeks into the pregnancy. However, we do not perform an exam only to determine a baby’s gender. We feel every baby deserves a complete and thorough sonogram.

Yes. There must be a medical reason to submit an insurance, Medicaid, etc. claim for this exam. We need a referral from your healthcare provider to be able to perform the exam.

No. At AFS, we are a fully capable medical ultrasound diagnostics practice. Our sonographers are well trained, well credentialed and highly experienced in the ultrasound evaluation of a wide range of problems affecting various parts of the anatomy. From the thyroid gland and carotid artery in the neck to the sensitive organs of the abdomen and pelvis, doctors have relied on us for diagnostic excellence through ultrasound for more than 15 years. And their patients routinely count on us for the understanding, sensitivity, support and compassion that have helped us become the choice of so many for thorough, accurate exams and reliable results.

Ultrasound exams do not require any prep, and the best universal advice is to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. Below are some specific prep instructions by type of exam, but we’ll always let you know what is required of you ahead of your appointment. But we certainly welcome your inquiries, should you have any questions. Simply call 907.561.3601.

For this exam, you need a partially filled bladder. Drink two 8-ounce glasses of water (must be noncarbonated) 30 minutes before your appointment. Do not empty your bladder after drinking.

This exam requires a partially filled bladder. Thirty minutes before the exam, drink two 8-ounce glasses of water, and don’t empty your bladder until after the exam.

For this exam, it’s important for the baby to be awake and moving. So eat 20 minutes before your appointment.

Do not eat or drink anything for at least 8 hours prior to your appointment.

Forty-five minutes prior to your appointment, drink three 8-ounce glasses of water. Unlike some other exams, you’re free to empty your bladder as needed.

Because all diagnostic exams are important to helping your doctor make informed decisions, we hand-deliver all ultrasound exam reports to referring physicians the following business day after your exam. While this is faster than is typical of many ultrasound providers, we actually provide results to your doctor even more quickly if there is a significant finding. In other words, if we encounter something serious or urgent, we will call your doctor immediately. Either way, your doctor gets your exam results quickly, and we handle it all.

No. Ultrasound is merely an effective way to “see” inside the body and examine important anatomy without an invasive procedure. Unlike other medical imaging modalities, ultrasound (sonography) does not use radiation, radio waves or magnetic fields. Instead, ultrasound works much like sonar, using high-frequency sound waves that produce echoes. As those echoes travel back through different tissues at different rates, a computer converts those differing rates into different tissue representations onscreen. This allows us to see structures… while exposing your body only to harmless sound waves.

We accept all insurance carriers and are a preferred in-network provider for most insurance carriers. Click here to see the complete list of insurance carriers.

We treat every patient with kindness and compassion. Our highly trained staff works diligently with unsurpassed commitment to accurately obtain the very best diagnosis, and have done so for the last twenty plus years. We have same day appointments for those circumstances that just cannot wait.

For more information or answers to your other questions, call Alaska Family Sonograms at 907.561.3601. You can also schedule an appointment by calling, or you may request an appointment using our easy online form.

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