Thyroid/Neck Ultrasound

Neck Ultrasound:

Ultrasound examination of the neck is common, because there are critical structures located in the neck, including the thyroid gland and lymph nodes. Another common exam involving the neck is evaluating the carotid arteries. For more information regarding a carotid ultrasound see our page here:

Neck Ultrasound: Evaluating Lymph Nodes

Generally, a “neck ultrasound” will be ordered by your medical provider to specifically evaluate lymph nodes in the neck and/or to evaluate a specific palpable area (area that can be felt on physical exam).

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What is a Lymph Node?

The body’s lymphatic system includes clusters of small, soft structures — lymph nodes — that make immune cells, filter the lymphatic fluid and remove foreign material. When the lymph nodes make more white blood cells to fight infection, they can swell. At AFS, we examine the neck to find and measure abnormal lymph nodes to help doctors understand the symptoms their patients are experiencing.

Thyroid Ultrasound: Experience And Expertise Doctors Trust.

Medical providers may order a thyroid ultrasound if they detect a lump or enlargement. Thyroid nodules are very common, especially for people over age 50, and they can indicate cancer. Therefore it’s important to evaluate them. At AFS, our sonographers look for nodules and assess the gland’s size, shape, texture and blood flow.

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For Reliable Ultrasound Studies Of The Thyroid/Neck, Trust Experience.

Performing proper evaluation and continued surveillance of thyroid nodules can be challenging depending on the appearance and multiplicity of nodules. Thyroid and neck exams are a specialty of our clinic as we have been working with a local endocrinologist for over 15 years performing these exams.


A thyroid or neck exam will typically range from 30 - 60 minutes in duration.

We recommend wearing a lose fitting and low cut top. However, if your clothing does not give the sonographer adequate access to your neck we can have you change into a gown for the procedure. We will also require the removal of any necklaces or jewelry around the neck. Most earrings will not need to be removed with the exception of large dangling earrings.

Unfortunately due to how insurance codes these exams they cannot be performed on the same day in order for most insurance companies to reimburse for them. If your provider requests we perform both exams we will do them on separate days for this reason.

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From the front desk to the sonographers, I’ve always received amazing customer service. I’m never rushed, and they give high-quality care. I have been so impressed with the service here.” – Kelli T.

“My experience with AFS could best be described as ‘awesome.’ They are friendly and comforting. I’ve come to them with issues, and I have always felt like I was treated with compassion. Highest rating!” -Lalena K.

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