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Ultrasound is an essential tool in doctors’ diagnostic tool boxes, and it has been for decades. In fact, ultrasound is predicted to be used more frequently than ever to examine certain types of problems and areas of anatomy. This is due in part to the advances in ultrasound technology that have improved resolution, definition and image uniformity. Also, ultrasound is a much less costly way to acquire detailed images of internal anatomy.

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In addition, ultrasound captures images in real time, like a movie camera does, allowing it to show certain anatomical functions and permitting the sonographer to make adjustments during the exam to ensure thoroughness and accuracy. Also, ultrasound acquires images with a simple handheld transducer and a small bedside unit, not an imposing, noisy, large machine. Perhaps most importantly, ultrasound uses safe, high-frequency sound waves rather than the ionized radiation used in CT or X-rays, which can present a health hazard.

Advanced, comprehensive capabilities for top-quality, reliable exams.

Whether to evaluate a pregnancy or assess a medical problem, your doctor orders ultrasound exams for one reason: diagnostic accuracy. And that accuracy depends not merely on the technology being used but also the performance of the exam itself. In other words, because an ultrasound exam is the basis for appropriate and effective medical care, it needs to be conducted with knowledge and skill. At Alaska Family Sonograms, we bring that skill to all types of ultrasound exams including:

  • Abdominal – Assessment of the critical organs located in the abdomen, including the pancreas, gallbladder, liver, spleen, kidneys and large blood vessels.
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  • Deep vein thrombosis – Ultrasound examination of deep veins to detect and classify blood clots associated with this potentially very serious disorder.
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  • Infertility & gynecologic – Evaluation of specific female anatomy to determine readiness for conception, ideal timing for fertility treatments and presence of disease or structural anomalies.
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  • Thyroid/Neck – Testing to diagnose carotid artery disease and assess stroke risk, to diagnose lymph node disorders and to evaluate the thyroid gland in the presence of nodules or other problems.
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  • Obstetric – Evaluation of fetal growth and development as well as evaluation of the pregnancy itself. Includes diagnostic OB ultrasound, nuchal translucency testing, gender determination (if desired), and 3D/4D ultrasound imaging (optional).
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  • Testicular – Imaging to detect lesions or tumors and to determine optimal next steps for diagnosis (such as biopsy).
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  • Musculoskeletal – Imaging to detect tendon or ligament tears and joint space evaluation. Common locations include the shoulder, knee, elbow, and ankle.
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