Scrotal Ultrasound

Anchorage’s Experienced, Highly Skilled Ultrasound Of The Scrotum And Testicles.

The testicles, inside the scrotum, are the male reproductive organs. They are responsible for producing sperm as well as the male sex hormone testosterone. And like all anatomy, they can be affected by a number of different structural abnormalities and disease processes. These can cause discomfort, pain, swelling, infertility and, such as in the case of testicular cancer, serious threats to lifestyle and to life itself.

Ultrasound: The Preferred Method For Imaging The Scrotum And Testicles.

To assess these and other problems, ultrasound is the primary imaging method for observing and evaluating the health and structure of the testicles and the scrotum itself. One key reason is that ultrasound uses sound waves rather than radiation to construct its images. This makes it completely safe for examining the testicles and the scrotum. But there are other reasons that ultrasound is the preferred way for imaging the testicles.


Real-Time Images Make For Diagnostic Thoroughness And Accuracy.

One very important aspect of ultrasound is that it is real-time imaging. It provides live, moving images that the sonographer can see while conducting the exam. This means that, during scrotal ultrasound, the credentialed and highly experienced sonographers at Alaska Family Sonograms in Anchorage are able to react to what they’re seeing and make adjustments to the exam itself. So we effectively go on a search to find what, if anything, may be going on in the scrotum, including:

  • Testicular cancer
  • Tumors, masses or lesions
  • Cysts or other lumps or growths
  • Injury
  • Infection
  • Enlarged blood vessels
  • Fluid buildup around the testicle
  • Obstructions or constrictions (testicular torsion)


No the exam should be painless.

The duration of the exam will vary but typically 30-45 minutes.

  1. The sonographer will leave the room and have the patient get undressed from the waist down and then cover their lap with a towel.
  2. Upon returning the sonographer will then move the towel up so only the testicular region is visible.
  3. The sonographer will apply warm gel to the area and gently slide the ultrasound transducer over the area to take pictures.

This type of ultrasound exam does not have any required exam preparation.

The Experience, Expertise And Human Compassion You Deserve.

At Alaska Family Sonograms, we’ve conducted many thousands of scrotal ultrasound exams over the past 15-plus years. As a result, our sonographers are extremely skilled and familiar with the anatomy, the types of abnormalities to watch for and — quite importantly — how to manage your comfort and cater to your sensitivities. We are highly compassionate, understanding and professional people who make you feel at home. We also emphasize communication, interacting with you human to human, explaining your procedure and answering all your questions — all in the interests of diagnostic accuracy and the best, most effective healthcare.

To learn more about scrotal ultrasound, or to schedule an appointment, call Alaska Family Sonograms today at 907.561.3601. You can also request an appointment using our easy online form.

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