Understanding Obstetric Ultrasound

Most people are familiar with the term “ultrasound,” especially if you’re pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant. An ‘ultrasound’ is often used to mean the same thing as a ‘sonogram’. Both are describing an imaging exam that uses sound waves to visualized inside the body. An obstetric ultrasound captures images of a fetus or embryo in a woman’s uterus.

If you’re pregnant, an ultrasound is the typical method that doctors will use to monitor you and your unborn baby. This technology does not use ionizing radiation and has no known harmful effects to the mother or her baby.

During an obstetric ultrasound exam, one of our highly trained sonographers applies ultrasound gel on your skin and then glides a small transducer over the gelled area. The transducer transmits high-frequency sound waves through the gel and into the body, gathering sounds that “bounce back” to a computer. The computer uses the sound waves to create an image of your baby.

What can you see during an obstetric ultrasound?

An obstetrical ultrasound can provide a lot of valuable information. Here are some things an obstetrical ultrasound can provide:

  • Confirm the presence of a living embryo/fetus
  • Estimate the age of the pregnancy
  • Diagnose congenital abnormalities of the fetus
  • Assess the position of the fetus
  • Evaluate fetal movements and breathing
  • Evaluate the position of the placenta
  • Determine if multiple pregnancies are present
  • Assess the amount of amniotic fluid around the baby
  • Check for opening or shortening of the cervix
  • Examine the growth of the fetus
  • Examine fetal well-being

The leader in accurate, timely obstetric ultrasound, and much more

Whether you’re becoming a mother for the first time or preparing for your fourth, Alaska Family Sonograms is with you every step of the way. We provide obstetric ultrasounds in Anchorage and offer the highest standard of care. You can count on comprehensive, leading-edge care, precise interpretations and accurate, timely reports, all with a dedication to your individual needs and wishes. From obstetric ultrasounds to a full range of advanced medical diagnostics, come and experience the Alaska Family Sonograms difference.

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